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The information contained in this site is intended solely as Attorney Advertising.  It is for informational and/or educational purposes only, and is not nor should it be construed as legal advice or opinion. 

Similarly, none of the information in this site is intended as medical advice or opinion.  Always speak to a lawyer for legal advice and opinion. Always consult with a medical doctor for medical advice and opinion.

Attorney-client relationship

The invitation to contact our law firm throughout this web site, or any of our associated web sites, does not create or imply an attorney-client relationship.  A written retainer must be executed by the prospective client before an attorney-client relationship exists.  We will take no action on any potential claim unless a proper retainer agreement has been entered into by the lawyer and prospective client.

Past results

Every case presents unique facts and circumstances that affect the claims potential value.  No prediction can be made as to what a jury or other finder of fact may determine as the value of any particular case.  Any references to past results are for illustrative purposes only, and include settlements and awards in association with participating counsel.  Past results are not a guarantee of future outcomes.

Legal Fees and Disbursements

Personal injury matters are retained on a contingent fee basis as authorized by court rules.  Generally, such legal fees are authorized as a certain percentage of the net recovery afteror before deduction for appropriate disbursements.  As such, there is no legal fee associated with the handling of a matter, unless there is an award or settlement of the case in the client’s favor. Court rules, however, require that the client remain responsible for cost and disbursements associated with prosecuting the claim regardless of outcome.

Participation and Referral

Every case is unique and requires special attention. Some cases may be referred to outside counsel, and still others may be handled with participation of outside counsel.  All of this is to ensure that the client is best protected and represented by the most professional and experienced trial lawyers for the particular matter. We believe the result obtained for the client is paramount.

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